Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Nolan Test is a political test used to evaluate your personality. I think it would be great to take this Nolan Test because it is always fun to explore you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Corey Haim

Corey Haim was found dead today. The celebrity actor died today and is no longer with us. It is very sad to see talent go out the window like that especially since it seems like he had just started to straighten out his life. I am very sorry to hear the news about Corey Haim and my heart goes out to his loved ones and family.

It looks like Corey Haim's death might have had something to do with drugs. I am not sure of the details but it looks like he might have suffered a drug related injury that caused him to die. This is a horrible misfortune as he is very young and should not have to worry about dying at such a young age.

Please let this be a lesson to someone else that drugs can be dangerous and life threatening. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of Corey Haim and I hope that this will teach someone else a lesson. This must be a very hard time for Corey Haim's family and friends as it is always devestating when we lose a young person to senseless activities.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly

Looks like Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly had a little bit of a slip up. Apparently Tom Hanks made a mistake when on Regis and Kelly and Kelly was not too excited about it. Besides this though the show went on without a hitch.

I think Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly is great content for Regis and Kelly. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and I think he probably means more to regis and kelly then they do him. He has done so many great films and deserves every award and piece of recognition that he recieves.

Do you think that the mistake by Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly was a big deal?

Pentagon Shooting

The Pentagon Shooting was truly a random act of violence. No one knows how or why someone would do this, all we know is that John Patrick Bedell was possibly involved. That could be the name of the man that went and committed a senseless pentagon shooting that severely injured  2 men.

This occurred at the subway at the pentagon. There are not many details surronding the event other then that it seemed to happen for no reason. I wish I knew more about the Pentagon Shooting at this time but it is still devolping.

I can't believe that someone would just walk up to the pentagon and start shooting. For one there is no reason for anyone to want to ruin their own life like that. Also you are ruining other people's lives. I really hope that the victims of the pentagon shooting do not get any worse tonight. I'm not sure if John Patrick Bedell is who did it - but whoever it is they should pay for this.

Danny Gokey on American Idol

Danny Gokey has done a great job singing "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me" on American Idol. I did not see the performance but from what I heard it was great. I think that he is one of Idol's best contestants of all time. He is definetely going to be successful in the music business going forward.

Danny Gokey is mostly a country guy but his new album is an all over top 40 hit. He is very popular and this debut album is expected to do fairly well. I think this is great and hopefully he will be able to take this opportunity and run with it. The fact that Danny Gokey is doing well already for his first album shows that he will have continued success is whole year.

If anyone has listened to Danny Gokey My Best Days Are Ahead of Me or Danny Gokey's new album please let me know how it was. From what I have heard so far it is very promissing for the young singer. Congratulations.

Not Without Hope - The NFL Boating Tragedy

Not Without Hope is the book about an NFL Boating Tragedy that occured a year ago. This horrible accident involved professional athletes and 3 men lost their lives. Not Without Hope is written by survivor Nick Schulyer and goes into detail what happened that day.

I feel horrible for the people that were killed that day. Boating is usually not considered to be a dangerous activity yet it killed almost everyone involved. The victims included NFL football players who were just trying to unwind with an enjoyable hobby. I can imagine that writing Not Without Hope must have been very difficult for Nick Schuyler who has the unfortanate responsibility of being the only person that witnessed the ordeal.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims and to Nick Schulyer. I think that this book might make a good read someday. I hope that this helps briut Hopng some insight and closure to the families of the victims. I know that it will never bring them back, but Not Without Hope will at least help them understand.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who is Alejandra Jonas?

Alejandra Jonas is the Jonas Brother's fan who was found dead as an aftermath of the earthquake in chile. Alejandra Jonas was wearing a Jonas Brother's T-Shirt when they found her body. When you look at all of the people that died in Chili and Haiti, this is just a small fraction of the damage. It is sad to see anyone pass for any reason.

What took place n Chili and Haiti really puts things into perspective. We go throughout all our lives nervous and preoccupied by how we look and other petty little things but the only things that really matter is that we are alive and that there are other people that are not as lucky. What happened to Alejandra Jonas is an example of the kind of things that really do matter.

Whenever I might be nervous to be bold or ask for what I deserve at work I just remind myself that none of that really matters compared to everything else that has happened. The earthquake in Chili and Haiti and the attacks on 9/11 are all examples of what really matters in our lives. People put too much thought on the little things in life - but none of it realy matters, and Business is just a game compared to this. RIP Alejandra Jonas.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forsyth County Schools

It looks like the Forsyth County Schools are going to get hit with some nasty weather today. Will today be a day off for Forsyth County Schools? I feel that if it is dangerous to drive then instead of closing the school they should just forgive students that are unable to come. The only problem is that if there is a major exam or test scheduled that day then they would have to rescedule it.

I know it seems like it would be a waste of Forsyth County Schools resources to open shop when a lot of their students won't be coming, but there is no reason to deprive these young scholars of what they hunger for most - an education. What do you think about this?

It is not practical, but what if that is how we valued education? What if kids took enough initiative to want to go to school everyday and to do their very best. With this attitude many young people would be able to do something with their lives while they are young and still have a chance. If everyone put in the same ammount of effort into school as they do their extra curicular activities, then we would all have honor roll students.

I am not sure how well he students of Forsyth County Schools will fare today in the weather, I just hope that they learn something.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trina Leaked Photos

Now yet another celebrity Trina Leaked Photos on the internet. Someone has been able to get private photos of the star and post them for the public to see. The Trina Leaked Photos included some private and revealing photos that were not for everyone to see. She had some of her own personal belongings stolen and revealed to everyone.

I think it is horrible to find the Trina Leaked Photos on the internet. Obviously if she wanted to have those photos shown to everyone then she would have. But these were acutlaly stolen from the rapper and leaked without her permission which is very disrespectful.

This just another example of someone trying to make another celebrity look like a fool. For some reason that is something that many people find enjoyable. I don't know maybe the Trina Leaked Photos makes some people feel better about themselves or they just want to see her naked, but I think it is just another example of how we live in a vain world

Oprah Without Makeup

Has anyone ever seen Oprah Without Makeup? What about Taylor Swift Without Makeup? Would they look like their usually soft and sweet selves or would the be completely different? It is hard to imagine this in a world of vain, but most of the world's biggest celebrities require layers and layers of makeup to look they way that they do.

It is hard to find Marie Osmond without makeup or any other famous personality caught without any kind of makeup. Oprah Winfrey is not known for being a bombshell but I can tell you that Oprah without makeup looks a lot different than Oprah with makeup.

It must be stressul to constantly have to wear makeup everywhere you go. The time and effort it takes to apply this every day is costly. It can also be irritating on your skin. I don't think that it is too much to allow one day of Oprah without makup.

Dancing With The Stars 2010 Lineup

Just revealed is the new Dancing With The Stars 2010 Lineup. Who will be the big winner in 2010? We shall see. There are many interesting and exciting contestants this year in the Dancing With The Stars 2010 Lineup. Making it this time are some of the biggest names to be on DWTS.

What is it with our facination with Dancing With The Stars? It is a very simple concept and it works. We all want to see the biggest celebrities and names in the business make a fool of themselves. For some sick reason it makes us feel better when we see them do worse - just like how in the wild west they always went over the guy with the quickest gun.

People have been waiting anxious for the Dancing With The Stars 2010 Lineup and it is finally here. I am happy to say that this looks like it is going to be the best Dancing With The Stars Lineup yet.

Chrysalis Is a Spirtual Retreat

Chrysalis is like a spirtual retreat for youths that is nationwide. I have been looking over some info and it looks like a very good opportunity for young adults to learn the skills and values of a successful and happy person. Spirtuality is important and to many is considered an element required for survival. Chrysalis looks like a good opportunity to get that kind of nourishment.

There are a lot of negative influences in the world nowadays. It is hard to be successful and well with all of these distractions and temptations. Chrysalis looks like a great place to go for people looking to better themselves. I am a huge fan of self improvement in every category from finance, to health to spirituality.

Good luck to Chrysalis and its members and congratulations on being a breath of fresh air. I am happy to support a good cause like this.

Controversy Over Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics

Shortly after Nancy Benoit was murdered by her husband Chris Benoit Larry Flynt decided to publish Nude Nancy Benoit Hustler pics. These pictures where taken when she was much younger several years ago. Hustler feels that they had the right to publish the pictures, but many people believe that Nancy Benoit insisted that the pictures where destroyed.

I personally feel that the Nancy Benoit Hustler pics are very disrespectful. It is bad enough that she was killed by her husband Chris Benoit but if she did indeed wish that her hustler pics were not shown then it is also just discpicable that they would publish them against her wishes. I understand that Hustler is in business to make money but I feel that they have gone to far.

The sad thing is that the kind of people that read Hustler probably do not care about the wishes of Nancy Benoit's family, and that the Nancy Benoit Hustler pics are probably going to sell more copies of Hustler. But what else should we expect in America? We are a nation of down and dirty primates. My heart goes out the family of Nancy Benoit.