Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who is Alejandra Jonas?

Alejandra Jonas is the Jonas Brother's fan who was found dead as an aftermath of the earthquake in chile. Alejandra Jonas was wearing a Jonas Brother's T-Shirt when they found her body. When you look at all of the people that died in Chili and Haiti, this is just a small fraction of the damage. It is sad to see anyone pass for any reason.

What took place n Chili and Haiti really puts things into perspective. We go throughout all our lives nervous and preoccupied by how we look and other petty little things but the only things that really matter is that we are alive and that there are other people that are not as lucky. What happened to Alejandra Jonas is an example of the kind of things that really do matter.

Whenever I might be nervous to be bold or ask for what I deserve at work I just remind myself that none of that really matters compared to everything else that has happened. The earthquake in Chili and Haiti and the attacks on 9/11 are all examples of what really matters in our lives. People put too much thought on the little things in life - but none of it realy matters, and Business is just a game compared to this. RIP Alejandra Jonas.

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