Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pentagon Shooting

The Pentagon Shooting was truly a random act of violence. No one knows how or why someone would do this, all we know is that John Patrick Bedell was possibly involved. That could be the name of the man that went and committed a senseless pentagon shooting that severely injured  2 men.

This occurred at the subway at the pentagon. There are not many details surronding the event other then that it seemed to happen for no reason. I wish I knew more about the Pentagon Shooting at this time but it is still devolping.

I can't believe that someone would just walk up to the pentagon and start shooting. For one there is no reason for anyone to want to ruin their own life like that. Also you are ruining other people's lives. I really hope that the victims of the pentagon shooting do not get any worse tonight. I'm not sure if John Patrick Bedell is who did it - but whoever it is they should pay for this.

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