Monday, March 1, 2010

Trina Leaked Photos

Now yet another celebrity Trina Leaked Photos on the internet. Someone has been able to get private photos of the star and post them for the public to see. The Trina Leaked Photos included some private and revealing photos that were not for everyone to see. She had some of her own personal belongings stolen and revealed to everyone.

I think it is horrible to find the Trina Leaked Photos on the internet. Obviously if she wanted to have those photos shown to everyone then she would have. But these were acutlaly stolen from the rapper and leaked without her permission which is very disrespectful.

This just another example of someone trying to make another celebrity look like a fool. For some reason that is something that many people find enjoyable. I don't know maybe the Trina Leaked Photos makes some people feel better about themselves or they just want to see her naked, but I think it is just another example of how we live in a vain world

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