Thursday, March 4, 2010

Danny Gokey on American Idol

Danny Gokey has done a great job singing "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me" on American Idol. I did not see the performance but from what I heard it was great. I think that he is one of Idol's best contestants of all time. He is definetely going to be successful in the music business going forward.

Danny Gokey is mostly a country guy but his new album is an all over top 40 hit. He is very popular and this debut album is expected to do fairly well. I think this is great and hopefully he will be able to take this opportunity and run with it. The fact that Danny Gokey is doing well already for his first album shows that he will have continued success is whole year.

If anyone has listened to Danny Gokey My Best Days Are Ahead of Me or Danny Gokey's new album please let me know how it was. From what I have heard so far it is very promissing for the young singer. Congratulations.

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