Monday, March 1, 2010

Controversy Over Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics

Shortly after Nancy Benoit was murdered by her husband Chris Benoit Larry Flynt decided to publish Nude Nancy Benoit Hustler pics. These pictures where taken when she was much younger several years ago. Hustler feels that they had the right to publish the pictures, but many people believe that Nancy Benoit insisted that the pictures where destroyed.

I personally feel that the Nancy Benoit Hustler pics are very disrespectful. It is bad enough that she was killed by her husband Chris Benoit but if she did indeed wish that her hustler pics were not shown then it is also just discpicable that they would publish them against her wishes. I understand that Hustler is in business to make money but I feel that they have gone to far.

The sad thing is that the kind of people that read Hustler probably do not care about the wishes of Nancy Benoit's family, and that the Nancy Benoit Hustler pics are probably going to sell more copies of Hustler. But what else should we expect in America? We are a nation of down and dirty primates. My heart goes out the family of Nancy Benoit.

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