Monday, March 1, 2010

Oprah Without Makeup

Has anyone ever seen Oprah Without Makeup? What about Taylor Swift Without Makeup? Would they look like their usually soft and sweet selves or would the be completely different? It is hard to imagine this in a world of vain, but most of the world's biggest celebrities require layers and layers of makeup to look they way that they do.

It is hard to find Marie Osmond without makeup or any other famous personality caught without any kind of makeup. Oprah Winfrey is not known for being a bombshell but I can tell you that Oprah without makeup looks a lot different than Oprah with makeup.

It must be stressul to constantly have to wear makeup everywhere you go. The time and effort it takes to apply this every day is costly. It can also be irritating on your skin. I don't think that it is too much to allow one day of Oprah without makup.

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